Charvel's Mike McGregor Talks About New Pro-Mod Series

Perhaps a controversial move to some, Charvel recently unveiled its Pro-Mod series of guitars which are made in Japan. These new instruments replace the former U.S. built Production Series instruments. LegendaryTones spent some time with Charvel product manager Mike McGregor talking about this new series as well as learning about Charvel's plans for its Custom Shop and future. Check it out here!

What do the BP Gulf Oil Spill and Hard Rock Guitar Tone Have in Common?

The basic answer is of course nothing, but in this case LegendaryTones founder David Szabados and his band Luxx have released a single for support of the gulf wildlife relief effort. "Black Water" is a melodic hard rock tune available today for download for just 99 cents. ALL (100%) of the net proceeds will be divided between the National Wildlife Federation and Audubon Society to help clean up the impacted wildlife. Donations are secure on ReverbNation, it takes just one minute of your time, and will be the most helpful .99 you've spent. Go to the Reverbnation Luxx store to donate and get a great new track! THANK YOU in advance for supporting this effort! Click here to read the open letter and press release for more.

Mercury Magnetics Modification Kit for Epiphone Valve Junior

It's an interesting idea. Take one of the least-expensive pure tube circuits out on the market today and modify it to attempt boutique greatness. Will the Mercury Magnetics modified Epiphone Valve Junior deliver on its promise? Read here for more.

LegendaryTones Founder Publishes Memoir

Most of you know me for the content of the site here and I've enjoyed meeting and conversing with many of you as fellow guitar players, tone seekers, and friends. What I haven't shared is that my personal story involves a lifetime of dealing with alcoholism - from the perspective as a non-alcoholic family member. 

Alcoholism truly is the most universal and widespread disease of our time and unfortunately, it’s not only the alcoholics who suffer. This larger and frequently-neglected group of family and friends will often struggle in the background. Many of them do not realize that they too must heal and recover. That was me.

And so I wrote The Happiness Mask: Life and Recovery with an Alcoholic to deal with my pain and confusion and help inspire others through the story of my experiences. I welcome and invite you to click the link to learn more about this very personal project.

The Fender Custom Shop Order Experience

Jimi Hendrix. David Gilmour. I grew up admiring both of these artists…and their Stratocasters. Now I wanted one of my own just like theirs, but with a few modern changes. Read on about how I obtained a team-built Fender Custom Shop instrument to my specs. READ MORE!



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